Media Consulting Services


Though the history of social media does not date back for hundreds of years, now, it is impossible to imagine our life without them. In approximately 20 years, it became an inseparable part of daily life. According to the statistics, more than 3 billion people worldwide are registered in various platforms. The same figure for Azerbaijan amounts to 3 million. Rapid development of social media platforms led to re-design of modern business development and establishment of Social Media Marketing (SMM) as an independent branch of marketing. Almost all organizations, celebrities, and in many cases even separate products do have their respective social media profiles where they engage in two-way communication with the public. One of the reasons for the development of social media marketing is its huge audience capacity and very cheap promotion costs. Studies show that classical marketing activities require USD 40 to reach 1000 people. In social platforms, you could reach the same number of people for as less as USD 1.

Managing social media and marketing on such platforms might seem an easy task to many. However, huge audience and its peculiarities, rapidly growing tools and software, special promotion techniques and the necessity to be responsive 7/24 makes managing profiles and SMM extremely challenging profession and requires deep knowledge and experience. Not surprisingly, many huge corporations hire professional or trust these activities to companies specialized in this.

Media Consulting and Services offers professional social media marketing and management of profiles. The service includes following activities:

  • Management of social media profiles;
  • Building and implementation of social media marketing strategies;
  • Design and implementation of various social media campaigns;
  • Preparation, dissemination, and management of advertisements in social media;
  • Content management for social media;
  • Measuring success – defining KPI and their analysis;
  • Promotion activities;
  • Analytics and reporting.

Choosing us, you will get proper and high-quality content for your social media profile and professional SMM activities which will boost the growth of your brand. We have a qualified team with deep knowledge and experience of the matter ready at your disposal. Professional content management supported with effective audiovisuals and various activities will create a positive reputation for your brand among the public. Many others who have subscribed to our services are enjoying the results. Media Consulting and Services will be the right decision for you too.