Media Consulting Services


The changes in the environment, any organization operates in, can crucially affect its activities positively or negatively. Therefore, most big companies,  and corporations not only monitor the media for mentions or related news but also carry out environmental scanning to keep an eye on ongoing developments. Environmental scanning is a relatively new tool mostly used by companies operating in western countries. However, its benefits made it viral across many countries and industries. It is the process of identification, collection, analysis, and distribution of publicly available information for tactical and strategical purposes. The ultimate goal is to be aware of the developments in economic, social and political environments and adapt operations in case of necessity to reflect and minimize possible risks.

Media Consulting and Services is proud to be the first company in Azerbaijan offering environmental scanning. This service will let you be aware of the ongoing processes in the operational environment and give following benefits:

  • Be aware of all processes going on in country, industry and operational environment;
  • To timely respond to all developments;
  • To detect issues, possible risk, and crisis signals and take timely preventive measures;
  • To build better strategical and tactical plans for future operations; etc.

Although environmental scanning is a 7/24 process, its output is usually either monthly or annual report delivered to customers. The reports contain information on following topics, but are not limited to:

  • Executive summary;
  • Political developments;
  • Economic developments;
  • Developments in international relations;
  • Overview of the business environment;
  • E-commerce;
  • Developments in regulation of food, cosmetics, and BAFS industries;
  • Developments in consumer rights protection;
  • Protection of private information.

Mentioned topics are optimized accordingly for monthly and annual environmental scanning reports.                                                                                                                                Using our service, you will always be aware of all important developments in the country or business environment scale, take timely preventive measures to minimize risk and crisis possibilities and enhance organization’s activities drafting better tactical and strategical plans for future.