Media Consulting Services


Successful oil and gas strategy in the early 2000s paved way for the rapid economic development of the country and increased interest of foreign companies in Azerbaijan. Back then a lot of requests for collection and management of information...



Building public relations gets complicated more and more as the economic, social and political environment constantly change and develop. Thus, many organizations in developed economies trust their public relations to the professional companies...


Media monitoring is a process of identification, collection, and analysis of the information based on specific keywords or topics. The results of the monitoring are kept and archived, and help public relations specialists to determine followings...


Being one of the core components of any company’s operations, marketing is demanding profession requiring specialized knowledge, experience, and skills. If you are thinking of trusting your marketing activities to a professional company, Media Consulting and Services...


Though monitoring and collection of information are one of the core components of public relations activities, if not analyzed, collected information is nothing but a raw material. Only thorough analysis will start ‘talking’ about the outcome of implemented projects...


Though the history of social media does not date back for hundreds of years, now, it is impossible to imagine our life without them. In approximately 20 years, it became an inseparable part of daily life. According to the statistics...


The changes in the environment, any organization operates in, can crucially affect its activities positively or negatively. Therefore, most big companies, corporation not only monitor the media for mentions or related news but also carry out ...


Why Media Consulting and Services ?

There are many reasons to state:

  • We have always put customer satisfaction as the top priority and achieved our aim;
  • We are using best in class advanced software and equipment;
  • We are constantly expanding by 10 percent each year – this is an indicator of our success;
  • Our customer portfolio is mostly consisting of companies who have heard about us from others and decided to cooperate with us;
  • We offer exclusive solutions for each customer carefully listening to needs, and considering business environment;
  • Our operations are fully transparent;
  • We are aware our social responsibilities.

Doing our job, we do not concentrate on our bilateral relations with the customer, but also incorporate social responsibility into our operations. Corporate Social Responsibility activities encompass a wide range of projects. We have implemented solutions to minimize electricity and water consumptions, signed contracts with companies to recycle paper, electric bulbs and printer cartridges. Besides all these, we have a special program in line which we hire people with disabilities to support their livelihood and integration to society.

We are proud to declare that, since its inception Media Consulting and Services have been the long-term partner of local and foreign organizations for its high-quality service, commitment to surrounding environment, and best-in-class team. You will make right decision choosing us for Public Relations, Media Monitoring, Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Environmental Scanning and Marketing activities.