Media Consulting Services


Successful oil and gas strategy in the early 2000s paved way for the rapid economic development of the country and increased interest of foreign companies in Azerbaijan. Back then a lot of requests for collection and management of information related to Azerbaijan was incoming from abroad. Besides, local companies also started growing rapidly opening to various businesses. Thus, demand for professional media monitoring and public relations services started to increase. The local market was clearly short of supply in this direction. That is when Media Consulting and Services started to operate being one of the first companies in Azerbaijan filling the market gap.

We have officially started operating on October 1, 2004, and in short span of time were able to form a skillful and conversant team. Weak technological development was a great challenge, but hard work and immense efforts have always paid off with customer satisfaction. Commitment to our work and customers, resulted in business growth starting from 2005 by 10 percent per year. Despite two economic turmoils in 2008 and 2014-2016, we kept our activities at the same level and continued to expand.

Currently, we offer professional media monitoring, public relations, marketing, analytics, social media marketing and environmental scanning services. Our team, equipped with long-term experience, qualified skills and deep expertise in the field, is ready to deliver outstanding results on any scale. Not surprisingly, many local and foreign companies operating in Azerbaijan are choosing us.

Customer satisfaction remains the top priority for us since 2004. To measure our success, we constantly conduct surveys. The result of 2017 survey made us feel proud and accomplished – 95 percent of respondents stated their full satisfaction with cooperation with the Media Consulting and Services.

We are ready to realize your dreams too. 13 years of expertise in the field continuous expanding for last 12 years are the best indicators of our strength and success. Media Consulting and Services is ready to be your partner in future endeavors.